We are a manufacturer of gas flow control equipment including mass flow controllers.
In addition to standard products, we do everything from design to sales of customized products in-house, and we provide them according to the customer's application.

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Gas flow control equipment and applied products Mass flow controller C2000 series Mass flow controller C1000 series Gas mixer: CUBE-GM series

Precision machined parts, various types, small lots (30 to 100 each), Approximately 25 parts, material: SUS316 (SUS316L possible), SUS304

Mass Flow Controller C2000 Ser

Mass Flow Controller C1000 Ser

Gas mixer: CUBE-GM series


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Mass Flow Controller 1000Series

● It is an analog model specializing the basic functions of the mass flow controller. ● Improved performance and reliability by basic functions pursuing original technology. ● Two type of Control Power Supply, Floor-standing "PA01" and Panel Mount "PA01P". ● Compact size. ● The suppression of Fl...


● [CUBEGM-X Seires] is an all-in-one unit which have Touch panel, PLC unit, Mass Flow Controller, Power supply, Valve, Check Valve and Gas Mixer. ● Program operation: Program operation is possible by setting the flow rate and time of each line. ● Alarm function: Alarm sound is notified if an error...

Digital Mass Flow Controller

A mass flow controller is a device used to control the flow rate by measuring the mass flow rate of fluid and gases. It is possible to control the flow rate stably with high accuracy because it is not required to be corrected due to the change of temperature or used pressure. ● newRoHS/CE mark co...

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