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With non-stop development activities in the field of industrial equipment and machinery. For many years, ASV has been providing outstanding products as well as optimal solutions to each customer in particular and the industry in general.

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Carbides, cutting tools, precision machanical parts

IoT technology in production and factory risk control

End mill, ball cutter

Deep drill

Collet knife clamp


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Metal processing oil

It is used for drilling, milling, boring, tapping, milling and grinding processes. Also, it is suitable for machining applications on cast iron, steel and alloy materials. • Less foaming when mixed with soft water • Excellent rust resistance • The ability to separate impurities is very good so th...

Engine oil

For diesel engines of transport equipment and mobile hydraulic systems. - Perfect friction control reduces wear and engine noise - Good anti-oxidation to keep the engine clean. - Good rust and corrosion resistance prolongs equipment life and reduces maintenance costs - High viscosity index

Turning insert

Alloy turning and milling inserts are popular in mechanical processing factories. Palbit external turning tools, known as a Portuguese brand, have been developed with all types according to ISO standards to meet most of the processing methods and requirements for different materials: steel, stainles...

Volkel tap

German products have more than 100 years of experience in producing European standard quality taps at competitive prices. They are available in stock of many sizes. Volkel taps are the solution for threading for mechanical processing factories.

Knife handle, knife stand

Palbit offers a full range of different external turning tool holders to meet machining requirements: face turning, smooth turning, profile turning, etc. Face milling cutters are essential tools for most manufacturing companies. Widia's M1200 is capable of large residual milling.

Collet knife clamp

Bilz tool clamping systems are used worldwide in a wide variety of applications and on most types of machinery. Bilz's success is due to the continuous process of developing new products and enhancing existing product lines. Besides the highest quality standards in manufacturing, Bilz places a high ...

Deep drill

Botek piece drill bit is the world market leader in solid depth drills, barrel drills, mold waterline drilling. Various sizes and designs.

End mill, ball cutter

Speed Tiger end mills specialize in high-speed milling of aluminum and steel. Machining of hardened and post-heat steel. With an AlTin coating and a new breakthrough design, these tools resist wear and vibration during machining, thereby increasing tool life.

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