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Vietnam Industry and Technology Group Joint Stock Company (INTECH GROUP) is a leading company in Vietnam providing Conveyors, Rollers, Smart Warehouse, AGV, Palletizing, Automation systems and solutions with cost-effective and industrially advanced.

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ha Noi Hoai Duc Lot 5&6, Lai Xa I.P, Kim Chung commune





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Chains, conveyors, rollers Loading and unloading robot AGV Smart warehouse Automatic product sorting system

Motors, electrical control equipment, pneumatic equipment and supplies, robots


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Roller Conyeyor

1. STRUCTURAL - Conveyor frame is made of stainless steel, steel or profiled aluminum - depending on the needs of the customer. - Simple design, easy to disassemble as well as move to places thanks to the wheel system. - Roller shaft is made of steel or stainless steel pipe. - Rollers are made f...


1. Features - Intech's AGV products are applied with advanced technologies, including: Laser scanner, wireless communication, sensor, RFID, image recognition, sound sensor, etc. - Reduce labor and work intensity - Reduce logistics costs - Reduce product real-time tracking costs - Significantly ...

Palletizing Robot

1. Features - Intech's automatic palletizing robot system is used for high-speed packaging and palletizing production, operating with minimal supervision and operation. - Support for many ways to arrange cartons/bags on pallets, changing the packing specifications is simple and fast through pre-pr...

Smart Warehouse

1. FEATURES - Safety: Protective door design and safety zone sensor ensure the safety of workers importing and exporting goods. - Technology: Optimizing storage space thanks to automatic product height scanning and stacking technology of goods and components. - Volume management: The weight of th...

Flexible Chain Conveyors

1. The structure of chain conveyor includes - Frame material: Stainless steel, aluminum profile... - Chain material: Plastic POM, brown color, shaft is made of stainless steel - Conveyor roller: According to the plastic chain loader - Tonnage of roller conveyor: less than 50kg/m - Electrical sy...


1. Specifications: - Diameter: Ø38 - Ø42 - Ø50 - Ø60. - Thickness: 1.2 - 1.4 - 1.5 (mm). - Manufacturing materials: Galvanized steel, stainless steel 201/304, plastic. - Steel shaft, galvanized steel, stainless steel 201/304, diameter Ø12 - Ø15. - Ball cup made of polymer material. - Operating...

Belt Conveyor

1. Product information: - Transporting many different types of goods, soft contact surface. - Transmission: Drive by friction and transmission by articulation. - Structure of diverse frames, many models: steel frames, racks, railings, and other accessories according to customer requirements. 2. ...

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