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Hinge for copy machine

Hinge for home appliance

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toilet seat cover / toilet lid / unit Futasuke toilet hygienic Chonburi Thailand

"Futasuke" opens and closes the toilet seat and toilet lid without touching them with your hands ``I don't want to touch it with my hands!'' ``I'm concerned about hygiene!!'' ``Futasuke'' will blow away those worries, This is an excellent product that allows you to open and close the toilet seat...

Resin Hinge for photocopier / Hinges Chonburi, Thailand.

It stops when you open it. In places where it is likely to close, it will close firmly. For copy machines, - Supports easy copying of thick books HINGE for medium weight

Procurement local parts Chonburi Thailand

For those who want to promote local procurement in Thailand Even if you leave it to the Thai staff ・Not making much progress ・High cost ・They won't do it if it's a small lot. There are various hurdles, Please feel free to contact us as we handle a variety of parts.

Medical monitor pipe hinge DX site monitor Thailand Chonburi

LCD monitors, etc. in medical settings hold the handle It is a stand that can be moved to a convenient viewing angle. DX conversion is currently being talked about. Many companies also display information on monitors at production sites. You can easily adjust the angle for easy viewing at the...

HINGE For LED monitor / monitor hinge Chonburi Thailand

While holding the LED monitor screen at an angle that makes it easy to view it, Ensure a sufficient number of motion durability so that the motion can be performed with light force. Where there is little space, We will create HINGE according to your company's design. From a small monitor or ...

Heavy duty photocopier HINGE/ Hinge production equipment Chonburi Thailand

Stops anywhere even with heavy objects. Close slowly from the desired angle For example, the automatic paper feeder of a copying machine Have you ever used it? A paper feeder that weighs about 10 kg Easy to open with one hand And when you let go, it stops Just before it closes, it s...

Magnesium air battery MGAir Thailand Chonburi

[Characteristics of magnesium air batteries] ①No need for fuel preparation or charging Possible to respond to unforeseen circumstances at any time ②Lightweight and small size Easy to carry at approximately 3kg ③No noise or toxic gas Harmless to the human body and the global environment ④Can b...

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