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We provide and develop Teachme Biz, a productivity-enhancing platform that makes it easy and simple to create, share, and manage procedures, thereby significantly reducing work man-hours and hiring and training costs.
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TH: https://youtu.be/Ri5iAW-uBM4
JP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcSJc-bvxLE

For more information : https://teachme-biz.com/

Basic info

Kingdom of Thailand Bangkok Suriyawongse, Bangrak ​952 Ramaland Building 13 Fl., Rama 4 Rd.,





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Japanese / English / Thai

Teachme Biz, a visual SOP management platform that can improve productivity and achieve business growth


Visualize, Convey and Share the Procedure Visual SOP Management Platform


Business negotiation

Integrated work contents in Teachme Biz, leading to improved productivity.

―――What are your usage goals? We have broadly divided into 3 usage goals. The first one is to visualize and standardize internal work procedures. The second one is to increase the efficiency in creating manuals. The third one is to explain the company’s services to outsiders in order to deepen thei...

We decided to bring in Teachme biz as an investment for the future

■Teachme Biz overturns the idea of ”making manuals = time consuming I had a strong image that making manuals takes time and effort (a hard work). I always had an image that after having to go through all the troubles making one, when it is done no one reads or uses it, until I tried Teachme Biz. A...

Solve staff training problem and overcome language barrier all at once!

It is really easy to create a manual by Teachme biz. I never imagined making a manual using videos or photos before. Teachme Biz allows me to communicate with local staff using just simple words. I did not have to worry about the language problem at all. It surely is a great tool for most corporates...

Teachme Biz is not a “manual to read” but a “manual to look at”

Kodato Kaikei Public Tax Accountant’s Corp x Teachme Biz The ones that people actually use are the “visualized manuals” The reason we decided to bring in Teachme Biz was that we can understand it instinctively. We have been making manuals a long time ago, but they were mainly filled with sente...

Work Manualization

So how urgent is it? Well, business visualization, standardization, and manualization tend to be delayed as we have our hands full with handling the tasks that bring in money such as marketing and sales and urgent tasks such as troubleshooting daily. Some organizations do not progress at all. You w...

Manual for work related to the back-office @ Thailand

When I was in Japan I wasn’t really interested in back-office related works. I was completely working in the opposite environment so I didn’t know how it was going. Back at the beginning of company establishment I was in the consulting business section.I was in a privileged working environment whe...

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