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Kobayashi Kako (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Business items:
Laser processing ・Processing of various heterogeneous materials
・Machining ・Machining of testing machines and labor-saving machines ・Bending ・Pressing
Various types of bending ・Various types of stamping ・Precision sheet metal simple mold prototyping ・Various types of sheet metal additional processing ・Other processing ・Processed product line Various types of industrial equipment
Automobile parts ・OA equipment parts ・AV equipment parts ・Vending machine parts ・Agricultural machinery parts
Home appliance parts ・Office equipment ・Various transportation equipment parts Housing equipment ・Various electronic parts
Instrument boxes ・Others

Business relationship:
Various industrial equipment ・Automobile parts ・Communication equipment parts ・Office equipment
Office equipment ・Information equipment parts ・Agricultural machinery parts ・Electrical equipment ・Lighting equipment
Household equipment - Housing equipment - Building material parts - Medical equipment
Sports equipment - Entertainment equipment - Furniture parts - Instrument boxes
Heavy electric parts - Transportation equipment parts - Machinery parts

We also do business with other industrial fields.

The Thai factory promotes optimal manufacturing in cooperation with the headquarters factory in Japan.
In February 2012, the company built Kobayashi Kako in the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate in Rayong Province, Thailand. In February 2012, the company built Kobayashi Kako in the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate in Rayong Province, Thailand, just as one of the company's major customers, an industrial equipment manufacturer, was building a new plant in Thailand.
"When the customer entered Thailand, no other company in our industry stepped up, so we saw it as an opportunity to expand overseas. In fact, in Thailand, we can have many opportunities to meet with major manufacturers that we cannot even have a chance to weld in Japan, as well as major Japanese manufacturers of agricultural machinery, automobiles, and elevators and escalators that are operating in Thailand. First of all, you will develop new customers at the Thai factory and meet their Q, C, and D requirements. Eventually, we would like to receive orders at our main plant in Japan. The Thai plant has only been up and running for a short time, but we are aiming to make it independent and profitable as soon as possible.

The manufacturing process at the Thai plant starts with local estimates, followed by drawing orders, development, and processing.
Currently, 100% of our sales are related to forklifts, and we manufacture forklift side covers, backrests, and welding jigs. We handle plate thicknesses from 1.6 to 40mm, and process up to 19mm using the FO-MII, while cutting above 19mm is done by a subcontract factory in the suburbs. In addition, the head office plant in Japan and the plant in Thailand flexibly exchange parts according to the degree of processing difficulty. For example, products with complex shapes are supplied from the head office plant in Japan to the head office plant in Japan after the Thai plant has completed the blank to welding process.

The number of employees at the Thai factory is 40, and there are no Japanese staff stationed there. The production schedule and arrangements are managed by a locally hired Thai factory manager.

Basic info

Kingdom of Thailand Chachoengsao Chachoengsao 1/4 M. 4 T.Donsai, A. Banpho,





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Forklift-related parts processing and jig manufacturing

High-mix, small-lot parts production

Transportation equipment parts

Various industrial equipment

Automobile parts related

Communication equipment parts

Office equipment

Business negotiation

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