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We provide Corrosion Inhibitor for product on delivery and manufacturing process, e.g., automotive parts, plant facilities, processor. We suggest volatile & water-soluble corrosion inhibitors, which is no degreasing, no residual oil, can help to decrease cleaning process & cost. Metal finishing chemical: Non-Cyanide Silver Plating Solution, both Alkaline & Acid process, which can be applied with fine pattern PCB. Others: Tin Plating Solution (Tin Salts, Bright), Copper Plating Solution (Bright)

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Corrosion Inhibitor、Non-Cyanide Silver Plating Solution、Copper Plating Solution

Corrosion Inhibitor

Copper Plating Solution

Non-Cyanide Silver Plating Solution


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Dynasilver BPL

"Dynasilver BPL" is an alkaline silver plating bath that does not contain any cyanide compounds, based on organic acid silver salts and special additives. It is free from cyanide (Cyanide), making it easy to handle and suitable for general wastewater treatment. It exhibits good tracking ability, uni...

DAIN TINGOOD 100 series

Achieve beautiful semi-gloss finishes at any current density. Setting a new standard for tin plating that combines economy with functionality. In modern electronic component manufacturing, tin plating is an indispensable process due to its reliability and electrical properties. Sulfuric acid tin ...


It is a vaporizable rust inhibitor dissolved in a solvent. It is ideal for rust inhibitors for parts awaiting machining or assembly, molds for injection molding machines, etc. Colorless and colored types are available for selection.

water soluble for steel and cast iron VERZONE Z-901

Excellent water solution rust preventing agent for steel and cast iron. This product is composed of an organic material and does not contain nitrites, phosphates, borates. This product has high resistance turbidity, so it is suitable for cleaning agent and submerged test applications. After the t...

water soluble rust preventive for steel and non ferrous VERZONE IFC-30

A water-soluble rust inhibitor that can be added in small quantities to prevent rust at low cost. It can be used for circulating cooling water, temperature control water, polishing water for gravure printing rolls, etc. It is effective on a wide range of metals, including iron, copper, brass, and zi...

water soluble anti-rust for Aluminum and alloy VERZONE LM-N1

This is water soluble anti-rust additive for Aluminum and alloys. Even if aluminum is alkaline, even the acidity corrodes in both liquids. Because they shows strong alkalinity that water-soluble processing oil and detergent , corrosion of aluminum becomes the problem. When this product adds it in...

V.C.I. oil VERZONE OIL #1022M

VERZONE Oil #1022M is the V.C.I. Oil. It has excellent characteristics that normal V.C.I. oils do not have. #1022M is the volatile corrosion inhibitor which makes soft thin oil film on steel surface. It consists of low-viscosity lubricating mineral oil, and has been added volatile corrosion inhibit...

anti-rust for copper VERZONE TT-250A

Verzone TT-250A is rust preventing agent for copper which is composed benzotriazole derivative. Because of liquid form, it is easier handling and excellent solubility for water solution comparing with powder form products such as benzotriazole.

anti-tarnish effect for alloy VERZONE SF-310

It is water-soluble rust inhibitor for all metals such as steel, copper, zinc, aluminum, and lead. It forms a water-repellent film without stickiness. It suitable for temporary rust prevention of metal products.

oil soluble anti-rust VERZONE OA-386

VERZONE OA-386 is oil soluble oxidant inhibitor for lubricant. It is constituted by Benzotriazole derivatives. This product is liquid form so no need of checking the material to be dissolved in a liquid or no worry of powder dust pollution.

water soluble anti-rust for aluminum and alloys VERZONE DFA-1

Even if aluminum is alkaline, even the acidity corrodes in both liquids. Because they shows strong alkalinity that water-soluble processing oil and detergent , corrosion of aluminum becomes the problem. When this product adds it in them, it shows splendid corrosion restraint performance. And it ...


"DAIN SILVER BPL" is based on organic acid silver salt and special additives, This is an alkaline silver plating bath that does not contain any cyanide compounds. Contains non-cyanide, is easy to handle, and is a common Wastewater treatment can be applied. It has excellent coverage and unifo...


"DAIN SILVER HKR" is used in electronic parts and EV parts, which have been in increasing demand in recent years. A non-cyanide, alkaline, bright silver plating solution that achieves high hardness silver plating. [Features] *Higher heat resistance than general non-cyanide bright silver plating...

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (for Non-ferrous metals) VERZONE SG POWDER

VERZONE SG POWDER is a volatile corrosion inhibitor to protect non-ferrous metals such as copper, tin, silver. VERZONE SG POWDER is packed in a well-ventilated paper bag for thoroughly protect all of metal products inside the same package. Able to protect all kinds of non-ferrous metal such as mac...

Water-soluble volatile corrosion inhibitor VERZONE WA-DS

VERZONE WA-DS is a highly concentrated water-soluble corrosion inhibitor containing a powerful evaporative corrosion inhibitor, and is ideal as a rust preventive additive for hydraulic test of tank and boiler. Since it is a water-soluble corrosion inhibitor containing a vaporizable rust preventive a...

Strong Rust Preventive Wax VERZONE WAX FD-824

• VERZONE WAX FD-824 is excellent in rust prevention. • Easy to paint, high retention. • Able to thoroughly coat on the parts that hard to paint by an air brush. • Able to form the consistent coating layer even under low temperature. • The thixotropic property helps to decrease the liquid drippi...

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (Solvent type) VERZONE META-SEAD G

VERZONE META-SEAD G is solvent type Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor newly developed as the corrosion inhibitor for metal parts which oil cannot be applied, the large machine which is hard to degrease. It is fast dry and forms ultrathin coating without stickiness. No need to degrease because of the ult...

Rust preventive agent for copper VERZONE AF-22

VERZONE AF-22 has high corrosion inhibiting effect on copper, copper alloy, zinc and various other metals. It has humidity resistance, it doesn’t cause stickiness like anti rust preventing oil, it exerts high rust prevention effect comparable to anti-rust preventing oil. It is an environmentally con...

Rust Preventive Oil for Rotogravure Printing Cylinder Roll VERZONE OIL MS-6

- Strong rust preventive oil for non-ferrous metals like a rotogravure printing cylinder roll. - This oil doesn’t corrosive nonferrous metals like copper, unlike general rust preventive oils for only steel. - Though oil film is thin like molecular, an oil film is hard to disappear, and is easy to ...

Protection Against Silver Tarnishing NEW DAIN SILVER S1

‘New Dain Silver S1’ is the anti-tarnishing treatment solution for silver, silver-alloys, and silver-plating products. ‘NDS S1’ treatment does not deteriorate electrical contact resistance, solderability, and its surface appearance after treatment. ‘NDS S1’help to prevent silver surface from tarnish...

Cyanide-Free Silver-Plating Process DAIN SILVER GPE Process

‘DAIN SILVER GPE Process’ is the strong acidic type silver-plating bath which composed by organic acid and additives, and does not contain cyanide. The silver plating, with erosion resistance, is able to directly plate on stainless steel substrate. This is composed of 2 processes, strike silver plat...

Rust preventive agent for silver NEW DAIN SILVER S1

“NEW DAIN SILVER S1” (NDS-S1) is newly developed anti-tarnishing treatment solution to protect silver surface against tarnishing, which is environmental-friendly chromium-free neutral aqueous solution without any organic solvent. “NDS-S1” is suitable for treatment of tableware, accessory, and elect...

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor paper NP-VCI-D

VCI paper is a paper coated or impregnated with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor. When wrapping steel with VCI paper, VIC on a paper will slowly vaporize at room temperature, replace the space inside a package, then coat the steel surface. It also physically or chemically absorbs moisture, then form a thin...

Rust preventive additive for processing oil VERZONE Crystal#120

‘VERZONE Crystal#120’ is rust preventing agent for copper and copper alloy. It’s a heterocyclic compound that common name is Benzotriazole (BTA) and numerous patents have been reported. This chemical began to be used in Japan from about the end of 1962 and is being used effectively at present as dis...

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (for Multi-metals) VERZONE GREEN SH-K

VERZONE GREEN SH-K is completely Free from Environmentally & Physically hazardous substances, and also be corrosion inhibitor designed for protection for multi-metals. Effective corrosion solution with clean and safe for environment. Excellent corrosion protection for multi-metals such as motor pa...

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