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Hanshin Neji (Thailand) is a leading fastener supply company in Thailand Chonburi. Our strong points are
1) We can supply 100,000items quickly
2) MOQ 1pc
3) Not only fasteners, we can supply tools or anything you can not find in Thailand market.

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Kingdom of Thailand Chonburi Moo10, T.Nongkham A.Sriracha 99/78





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Anchor Bolts in Supporting Construction and Industry

Anchor Bolts are essential components for attaching structures such as buildings, bridges, and roads to the ground or foundation. These small parts are responsible for the safety and durability of every construction project. Anchor Bolts help to bear the weight of the structure and protect it from e...

Secure Against Loosening! How to Choose a Self-Locking Nut

The Self-Locking Nut is a specialized nut designed to prevent loosening from vibrations or impacts. It is used in various fields such as automotive, construction, and industrial machinery. This nut is a crucial component for enhancing safety and reliability, making it important to understand how to ...

Innovative Retaining Rings for Shaft and Bearing Fixation

Retaining rings are components used to fix shafts and bearings, characterized by their space-saving design and strength against vibration. We offer a variety of types including internal retaining rings and external retaining rings, as well as E-rings. ■ Features These retaining rings can be inst...

High-Strength and Durable Round Washers

Reliable Round Washers for Strong Support at Every Joint Round Washers are flat discs used to prevent damage from direct contact of bolts or nuts with the material. They are manufactured from various materials, especially common in the construction and mechanical industries. They offer durability...

Bolts for Enhanced Durability

Hex Bolts, delivering precise connections to support your project. Hex bolts are an essential component for assembling machinery and structures. With a hexagonal head, they can be tightened with a wrench, allowing for the application of high torque, making them suitable for connections where stro...

Enhancing Connection Strength and Maintenance Efficiency with Flange Bolts

Boost the reliability of connection points and simplify maintenance tasks with Flange Bolts. Flange Bolts play a pivotal role in the assembly of machinery and structures. Their flange part aids in distributing pressure across the connection point, thereby preventing loosening. This characteristic...

High-Precision Assembly with Socket Screws

Support precise assembly work with socket screws, ideal for all types of mechanical design. Socket screws are small, high-strength screws indispensable for precision machinery design and assembly. They are especially valuable in limited spaces or where advanced torque management is required. Thi...

Handling of tool materials other than screws

We also handle a large number of tool materials other than screws. Please feel free to contact us if you have any tightening tools, sensors, electronic parts, tapes, etc. https://www.hanshin-neji.com/TH/index.html

screw Air regular flight Urgent Thailand

An emergency procurement service for screws and all other materials. We have regular air flights from Japan twice a week. If you purchase and procure it at our company and put it on the regular flight, the shipping fee from Japan to Thailand will be 250 baht per kilogram. If you have any urgent need...

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