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HEF group has an origin with Tribology Reserch Institute in Lyon of France since 1953. In order to resolve the issues (wear, friction problems, low friction, light weight, compactification) concerning customers' mechanical parts damage and machine efficiency improvement, we constantly develop new technology on the surface and continue to lead innovation of mechanical engineering worldwide. Currently we have 62 factories in 21 countries around the world, including contracted research business and supplying various surface-improved services. In the manufacturing industry, the surface treatment of HEF such as 'ARCOR / TUFFTRIDE' (salt bath nitriding) treatment, 'low temperature DLC' treatment are widely adopted by the manufacturing companies around the world.

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Salt bath nitriding, PVD/DLC coatings


Salt bath nitriding

PVD / DLC coatings

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Salt bath nitrocarburizing - Tufftride® ARCOR® QPQ®

Ionic liquids offer a significant improvement in wear protection, sliding properties and fatigue strength on all kind of ferrous materials. A subsequent oxidizing quenching produce a major increase in corrosion resistance. For increasing anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-seizure, we apply our nitr...

PVD coatings for optical use - CERTESS® OPTAL

CERTESS® OPTAL is coating by magnetron cathode sputtering of special metal alloys or metals, producing layers with reflective or semi-transparent properties, suited to the various ranges of wavelengths. https://www.hef.fr/en/Other-coatings.html

PVD/DLC coating for decoration - CERTESS® LOOK

CERTESS LOOK is PVD coatings for decorative purpose such as Sports & Hobby: golf clubs, bicycle, motorcycle and ATV components; knives; musical instruments Personal accessories: wrist watches; jewelry; eyeglass frames Appliances: utensils; kitchen appliance exterior components Building Hardware:...

PVD Coating for Aluminum die casting - CERTESS® SD

HEF developed CERTESS SD which is TiBN Titanium Boron Nitride coating. CERTESS SD is most advantageous for die-casting mold applications to counter soldering, heat-checking and wear issues. It can also be used for applications that require an exceptionally hard surface for abrasive wear resistance.

PVD coatings for plastic & rubber mold - CERTESS®

CERTESS® is a problem-solving technology for issues like wear, Oxidation resistance and Releasability / Flowability. Especially Cr family of CERTESS® coatings prevents bonding between molds and plastic/rubber. This leads to a better flowability of the liquid plastic/rubber, and a better releasabil...


Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coatings present the advantage of possessing high hardness (1,500 -3,200 HV) but also a coefficient of friction much lower than that of conventional hard layers such as TiN, TiCN, etc. (5 to 10 times lower). This unique combination of properties has opened up new possibili...

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