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KB is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial supplies, equipment, machines for mechanical surface finishing-surface preparation/conditioning as well as the decorative finishing. Our main product are as follows:

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Japan Osaka 92 Soi Phaholyothin 32 (Senanikom 1), Phaholyothin Road, Chankasem Sub-district, Chatuchak District -





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Emery Abrasives

Bar and Liquid Compound

Non-woven Abrasives

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abrasive material suitable for burr polishing and welding beads

Product information Genuine ML sanding belts New polishing belt with coated structure. Please contact us for size. feature ♦ Ideal for deburring burrs and weld grain. If you have trouble removing large burrs, burrs, weld grains, etc. that will tear the fabric with a conventional abrasive ...

Abrasive material, abrasive wheel FP (flap wheel)

product information Original FP Polishing Wheel (Disc Wheel) Grinding discs are the most popular products on the market. As a multipurpose grinding wheel It can be used in a variety of applications such as manual polishing with Buff Lace, automatic plate polishing. and centerless polishing Popu...

abrasive material, high-density abrasive wheel, GF abrasive wheel

product information Original GF polishing wheel Patent No. 2729924 Utility Model No. 2578007 Ultra-high-density polishing wheel with a patented production method Outer diameter that can be produced 200φ〜400φ feature ○ High grinding power due to high-density blade tips ○ Don't worry about br...

Abrasives, pre-treated base polishing for cylinders, NF polishing wheels

Product information Original NF polishing wheel Patent: No. 1552815 Polished wheels that feel just right. There is a patented production method. Outer diameter that can be produced 180φ〜400φ feature ♦ Chatter marks do not occur due to grinding and polishing. ♦ Blade tip gap is properly adjus...

Abrasives, surface preparation for plating, SF abrasive wheels

Product information Genuine SF casters Scratches of strong materials are grinded with a soft abrasive cloth. leading to a change in the concept of using abrasive cloth which gave rise to new grinding tools Outer diameter that can be produced 150φ〜380φ feature ♦ Scrub with softness and moderate...

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