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Production and Sales of Carrier Tape. Carrier tape packaging service. Steel and Plastic Pallet sales.

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Light load, ultra-light and ultra-low price, tight pallet Thai Isix

[Pursuing lightweight cargo, ultra-lightweight and ultra-low price] We have made the light palette even thinner, making it ultra-lightweight and ultra-low price! Although the light pallet was developed for 1 ton, it is over-specified for lightweight loads of 500 kg or less. Therefore, "Light Pale...

Highly durable pallets suitable, long loads, and returnables Thailand Thai Isix

[Suitable for automated warehouses, long loads, and returnable items] We have further strengthened the light palette and pursued durability! Light pallets were developed mainly for one-way use for export, but for returnable use and use in automated warehouses. Light Palette ST has increased stren...

Steel drainboard light pallet Thai Isix

[Steel drainboards in workplaces where products are not allowed to be placed directly] Steel drainboards are a clean alternative to wooden drainboards Are products or work-in-process products placed directly on the factory floor? Recently, garbage such as wood chips has been accumulating in the fa...

Ribbed carrier tape Electronic materials Thailand Thai Isix

[Ribbed carrier tape] We will propose the optimal pocket shape to match your device. Examples of shape problems that we have solved so far are as follows. Example 1)...In order to prevent the lead from breaking through, a rib is provided inside the pocket to suppress the movement of the device. ...

Conductive clean raw carrier tape THAI ISIX Thailand

[Conductive clean raw carrier tape] We can supply carrier tapes with excellent heat resistance, conductivity, and visibility. Since it is non-carbon, it is a clean product with low dust generation. We specialize in LED and automotive products that are sensitive to dust. Additionally, both have b...

Carrier tape for microchip devices Thai Isix

[We offer high-precision carrier tape made by vacuum rotary molding! ] Our company has been manufacturing and selling carrier tapes for about 10 years. As the times change, IT equipment has also evolved, and smartphones and tablets are now widely used throughout the world. Along with this, the de...

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