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We are a leading manufacturer of precision strip steel. Our strip steel program includes an extensive range of steel grades with very good properties, for example, strength, hardness and workability.

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stainless steel strips


Stainless Steel Strips for spring

Stainless Steel Strips for knives

Precoated strips for fuel cell separator


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Swedish Stainless Steel Strips for knife applications

Annealed or cold-rolled knife steel in a wide range of stainless chromium steels delivered in coils or as straightened lengths belonging to our knife steel portfolio. Our knife steels is used for the production of, for example -Knives -Cutting parts for electric shavers -Pruning tools -Scisso...

Pre-Coated stainless steel strips for fuel cell metal separators

Manufacturing on an industrial scale We have the capacity to fulfill all of your coated steel strip needs in our large-scale coating lines. A shorter and quicker route for the mass production of bipolar plates for fuel cells. Product made in Sweden

Compressor valve steel

Hardened and tempered strip steel for manufacturing many types of valves: Compressor valves, reed valves, check valves, flapper valves, relief and relieve valves, explosion valves, diaphragms, lamellas, emergency valves, shutting and shut-off valves. They are used in, among others, the following ...

DAMAX stainless steel clad strips for damascus pattern knives

Damascus steel on a large scale Alleima is the first and only steel producer in the world to produce Damascus steel on an industrial scale. The trademarked steel, Damax™, is a premium steel perfectly suited for knife applications both for the kitchen and the outdoors. Product made in Sweden

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