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Since 1948, we have been selling cutting tools and equipment for the manufacturing industry based in Ota City, Tokyo.
With our extensive knowledge, experience, and network, we can contribute to your procurement department from Japan.
And we are also professionals in import-export operations who can provide smooth communication in English.
We have a track record of exporting a wide range of manufacturing-related products to countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, the United States, China, and more.

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Cutting tools, measuring instruments, electric/ cordless tools, generators, hydraulic/ pneumatic tools, work tools, laser equipment, grinding/ cutting wheels

Cutting Tools, Metal Materials, Sensors





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【Spot Welding】Cutter for Tip dresser

This cutter is designed for spot welding tip dressers for any brands. Both ETD-18F and ETD-25F(Meiku etc) cutter options are available. We have a track record of exporting to Vietnam/ASEAN etc. Please provide the size and dimensions when making an inquiry. Highly recommended for those seekin...

【Spot Welding】Cap Tips/Inserts

We offer inserts specifically designed for spot welding applications. (Export experience to Vietnam and ASEAN) It can contribute to cost reduction as it has excellent durability and can be used repeatedly. We accept orders for small quantities as well. We can produce various types and dimension...

Clamp-on Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

[Clamp-on Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter UFP-20] Sensors attached to the outside of the pipe measure the flow rate inside the pipe. Chain / Belt / Magnet mounting fixture can clamp pipes easily. Leads no need of modifing or cutting pipes, realize the non-stop operation. You can measure every...

Motor / Gear head

We offer Japanese-made motors and gear heads for sale at affordable prices. Using our unique network, we source motors and gear heads from various manufacturers to your place. If you are looking for any motors and gear heads, please feel free to contact us.

Vacuum pad / Palletcher

We offer vacuum pads and palletizers that are used for holding and moving workpieces by suction. We provide vacuum pads and palletizers from various manufacturers.

Liquid and Gas Leak Detection

These Leak Inspection Materials Series shall be used for Oil, Water and Gas leak detection inspection in petrochemical Plants, Tanks, Boiler, Piping system, Oil lubrication systems and transformer etc. Easily and safety leak detection inspection shall be available. 【Liquid Leak Indicating Ag...

High quality Cutting Tools

【Why not start a business partnership with us as a new sourcing option?】 We offer high-quality Japanese-made cutting tools, and handle cutting tools from various manufacturers. We can handle extremely fine and even every 0.01mm cutting requirements as well. We leverage our network to deliver ...

Custom Engraving Services

We offer custom engraving services to suit various purposes. Please follow the steps below to discuss your requirements and place an order: 1.Determine the intended use. 2.Specify the material. 3.Provide material dimensions. 4.Indicate the desired text and its dimensions. 5.Finalize the text ...

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