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Hikari Solutions provides knowledge and solutions. that you can't find in general consulting firms and is a software company that helps improve the management of SMEs in Thailand.

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Kingdom of Thailand Samut Prakan Mueang Samutprakarn 954/1724 The Metropolis Samrong 3rd floor, Moo 9, Sukhumvit Road, Thepharak





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KPI Management Support

"KPI Management Support": Achieve goals quickly with effective meetings and proper habits. Expert consulting from Hikari Solutions enables organizational success. Hikari Solutions' KPI Management Service provides essential support to help organizations smoothly achieve their goals. This service e...

"ESS-SMILE" Employee Engagement Survey

"ESS-SMILE" Employee Engagement Survey: Visualize employee satisfaction through organizational health checks to enhance corporate culture and boost work productivity. "ESS-SMILE" provided by Hikari Solutions is a service that precisely analyzes employee satisfaction and engagement within an organ...

"ICT-SMART" System

"ICT-SMART" System: An innovative platform that improves organizational communication, enhances operational efficiency, and increases employee engagement. It is a cost-effective, high-performance ICT solution provided by Hikari Solutions. The "ICT-SMART" system offered by Hikari Solutions is an I...

Kintone / ICT system / Evaluation system

【 What is kintone ? 】 kintone is a cloud service from Cybozu used by over 28,000 companies globally. 【How kintone works 】 ‐ Offers over 100 application templates for various business systems. ‐ Allows creation of applications as needed for payment processing, workflow reporting, customer and...

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